Discover Saddlebrook’s World-Class Prep Academy Program
Saddlebrook Preparatory is designed for serious junior players who dream of playing on a pro tour or receiving a Division I NCAA scholarship. Some of the world’s best junior players have attended our full-time tennis academy, which pairs elite athletic training with the benefits of a high-level college preparatory school.
Our student players enjoy daily challenges which prepare them to compete with other top ranked juniors at National and International ITF and USTA tournaments. The program itself is internationally renowned and uniquely designed to integrate a fully accredited educational experience with a demanding tennis training schedule.
Saddlebrook Prep Program Highlights
The Saddlebrook System is a comprehensive training and education program that provides students with the opportunity to enjoy both personal and professional growth. Our instructors cover every aspect of the game, from technique and endurance to competition and mental conditioning.
Competitive Environment — Students enjoy daily training with their peers to improve every level of their game. We create a variety of diverse play opportunities in ladder matches as well as practice matches, which allow the student athletes to gain vital experience by competing against players with different styles and abilities.
Coaches — Each quarter, students enjoy daily training with a core group of coaches. This allows our coaches to accurately gauge each student’s progress throughout all aspects of their game.
Player Accountability — Our program is designed to help each student athlete elevate their game and reach their greatest potential – but success is solely based on the individual student’s drive and desire to succeed. Starting with their performance profile, our students are constantly setting personal goals they wish to achieve through their training. We also provide important tools like match evaluations and mental skills training to help our young players become tougher competitors.

Weekly Theme —  Each week, students focus on a specific theme such as groundstrokes, net play, and serving, as well as more abstract concepts like mental toughness and play consistency. Students are placed in groups and work on drills, point and match play that are designed around the central theme for that week.